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The town of Humahuaca is located on the RN9, 126 kms from San Salvador de Jujuy, and 2936 meters over sea level. It is within the creek of the same name, near Tilcara and Purmamarca, among others.
It has typical cobbled streets and adobe houses, witnesses of its colonial past, when the people resisted invasions and helped forge victory in times of struggle for independence. It is probably because of its history, its present, its museums, its people, who Humahuaca retains a great cultural importance, colorful infinitely broken landscape.

The Hostel La Humahuacasa is located about three blocks from the bus terminal in Humahuaca, and two blocks from the historic center.

Address: Calle Buenos Aires 740 - Humahuaca - Jujuy - Argentina Rep.

GPS coordinates:
23 ° 12'26.5 "S 65 ° 20'53.9" W